Car Service and Repair Specialists in Springvale

Regular servicing and vehicle maintenance is essential for a smooth drive. A1 Gas & Mechanical Services is one of the best truck and car mechanic services in Springvale. Our auto repair services offer a wide range of facilities such as clutch and brake repairs, car suspension repairs, and car tyre puncture repairs, among other things. You can trust us for the best repair services at the most affordable rates.

If you are planning to get your car serviced in Springvale or the neighbouring suburbs, you should visit us. The A1 Gas & Mechanical Service team has years of experience performing car repairs and delivering a seamless experience. We are Australia’s first automotive service centre for vehicles that run on LPG gas. Our services include but are not limited to, safety checks, suspension checks, automatic transmission service, fuel injection system service, and logbook service.

4WD Service Centre in Springvale – Fully Qualified Mechanics

Four-wheel drive vehicles operate differently than other automobiles. Technicians working on 4WD vehicles must have specialised skills and tools. An unqualified technician can cause more harm than good. Therefore, you must hire specialists to take care of your 4WD vehicle.

A1 Gas & Mechanical Service offers specialised 4×4 servicing that includes suspension, transmission, engines, wheels, and even LPG system maintenance if your vehicle has one. We have qualified gas mechanics near Springvale who will look after your vehicle’s LPG powertrain and perform maintenance checks. 4WD vehicles nowadays come with the facility to install LPG conversion kits for cleaner power. The demand for such vehicles is steadily rising, and it only makes sense for service providers like us to have in-house autogas mechanics to look after such vehicles.

Other services that we provide our clients include:

  • Logbook car service
    A logbook service entails servicing your vehicle exactly as the manufacturer intended. You should look for an authorised service department that follows the guidelines and can stamp your logbook according to the manufacturer’s specifications, allowing you to keep your warranty. A car logbook service can help avoid:

    • Excessive repair expenses
    • High fuel prices
    • High operating costs
    • Lowering your vehicle’s value at resale
    • Losing your manufacturer’s warranty
  • Steering and suspension checks
    The steering and suspension systems are critical to the handling and stability of the vehicle. The smallest flaw can endanger the driver, passengers, and other motorists. We recommend that our customers have their suspension checked during routine maintenance. Our technicians have hands-on experience with repairs, replacement, and servicing steering and suspension components in both cars and 4WD vehicles.
  • Brake and clutch repairs
    The condition of your car’s brakes and the clutch is critical to the safety of you, your passengers, other motorists, and pedestrians. Look for service centres that handle car brake repairs near you if you suspect a problem. Your brakes must function properly all year, which is why you should have your brakes and clutch serviced every six months by specialists.
  • Roadworthy certificate
    A roadworthy certificate verifies that your vehicle passed a roadworthy inspection performed by an authorised roadworthy inspector. The certificate permits you to buy or sell a car in Springvale. The roadworthy test consists of several criteria the vehicle must pass. These include tyres, brakes, steering, suspension, body, windscreen, and lights.
  • Tyre repair and replacement
    We provide tyre repair and replacement services in Springvale and the surrounding areas. These include alignment, puncture repair, inflation, and more. Our team handles both normal cars and 4WD vehicle tyres, which are sourced from the best manufacturers to ensure longevity and smoother drives. Install new tyres on all types of cars and 4WD vehicles.

Expert LPG Installation and Repairs in Springvale

The popularity of LPG as a power source for vehicles has grown significantly. A substantial section of our clients has approached us over the years to help them with LPG installation and requirements. A1 Gas & Mechanical Services specialises in LPG installation and its related mechanic services.  Our car mechanics will help you pick the best LPG kit for your vehicle, install it, and perform regular maintenance checks when required. We also provide vehicle owners with a no-obligation quote as well as a warranty on all LPG installation and repairs.

  • LPG installation
    We provide autogas or LPG gas installation services in Springvale and the surrounding areas for cars and 4WD vehicles.
  • LPG conversions
    Almost all gasoline-powered vehicles can be converted to run on LPG. Dual-fuel LPG systems allow a vehicle to run on either LPG or unleaded gasoline, effectively doubling its range. Gas conversion is simply the addition of a second fuel system, which includes an LPG tank, intake manifold modifications, a new ECU, and various fittings. Our autogas technicians have extensive experience performing gas conversions in Melbourne on both cars and 4WD models.
  • LPG autogas tank testing
    According to Australian standards, automotive gas tank testing must be performed every ten years. Given the volatility and associated risks, this is a test that must be performed by licensed operators using specialised equipment. We provide affordable car LPG tank testing services for both normal road cars and 4WD vehicles.
  • Dyno Tuning
    A dyno is a measuring device that provides real-time power and torque output. The vehicle’s ECU (Engine Control Unit) can be calibrated and tuned through this process. A dyno tune is recommended for drivability, smoother rides, and good fuel economy, not to mention the extra horsepower.

A1 Gas & Mechanical Services: Your Trusted Car Mechanics in Springvale

A1 Gas & Mechanical Services provides comprehensive car services and repairs under one roof. We are your one-stop shop for car repairs in Springvale. Our car mechanics are familiar with cars and four-wheel-drive (4WD) vehicles that run on gasoline and LPG. The services that we provide are unmatched, in quality and price.

Why Should You Pick Us?

  • Work on vehicles of all makes and models
  • Access to a variety of state-of-the-art tools and equipment
  • Efficient techniques to ensure the shortest turnaround times
  • Free, no-obligation quote for every small and large job ahead of time
  • Sufficient supply of genuine spare parts and components
  • Thorough inspection before and after repairs
  • Follow a predetermined checklist

Contact us today and get a free quote from our experts. Call us on 0437 522 193 or write to us at You can also visit our service centre for all of your automotive repair and maintenance needs. Road safety is paramount not just to you but to other motorists and pedestrians too. Regular servicing and maintenance can prevent accidents. Get yours checked today. Call us!