Value-For-Money Services for Tyre Repair & Tyre Replacement in South East Melbourne

At A1 Gas & Mechanical Services Pty Ltd., we understand that customers will never return to us if they feel that they have been ripped off. Therefore, we provide customers value for their money whenever they choose us for their needs for a car mechanic or 4 X 4 mechanic in South East Melbourne. We employ appropriate methods which can help to complete the job flawlessly and promptly.

We offer services for tyre repair & replacement in South East Melbourne and surrounding areas. When it comes to trusting mechanic for the tyres of a vehicle, customers often stay extra cautious, due to their lack of capability of differentiating between original and fake tyres. But, car and 4WD owners trust us with their eyes closed as they are aware of our track record.

Tyre Services

⇒ We source tyres of all sizes and types from the finest manufacturers.
⇒ We offer same-day service for tyre replacement and tyre repair.
⇒ We make arrangements for eco-friendly disposal of old tyres.
⇒ We fit the new tyres on all types of cars and 4WD vehicles.

Our mechanics check the punctured tyres properly to determine whether they can be repaired or not. If we feel that tyre repair cannot be performed, we carry out tyre replacement. We install the tyres on the front and rear ends of a vehicle at our service centre.

Choose Cheap Tyres Fitting Centres in South East Melbourne Carefully

Customers often commit the mistake of visiting tyre shops or tyre fitting centres that claim to offer cheap services but have many hidden charges. Unlike such workshops, we never make any customer pay more than the cost initially quoted. We ensure that there are no hidden costs to be borne by the customers.

We are one of the cheapest tyre fitting centres in South East Melbourne and nearby suburbs. We also perform tyre tread depth check, tyre pressure check, tyre rotation, and tyre balancing.

Fast Tyre Replacement & Tyre Repair in South East Melbourne for Fleet Businesses

While serving the fleet operators for tyre repair, tyre replacement and other needs related to the tyres of their vehicles, we deliver fast turnaround time as we know that their fleet is their livelihood. A vehicle lying idle in the workshop increases the downtime of a fleet business. Therefore, we provide fast services for the tyres of fleet vehicles to keep the business downtime of our customers as low as possible.

We carry out tyre puncture repairs and new tyre fitting for fleet cars and 4WD vehicles for a variety of businesses, including car rental agencies, taxi companies, private organizations, and government agencies in South East Melbourne. Our mechanics can suggest the right size and type of tyres for your fleet vehicle.

Are you looking for reliable and cheap tyre fitting centres in South East Melbourne or any other area? Visit our tyre shop or talk to us on 0437 522 193 to avail cheap services for tyre replacement and tyre repair.


There are a few common symptoms that indicate when your car needs a tyre alignment.

  • Uneven or rapid tire wear
  • Crooked steering wheel when you driving straight
  • Noisy steering
  • Car pulling to the right or left
  • Squealing tyres
A car tyre needs to be changed every 5 to 6 years, even if the thread is not worn out. This is done for the safety of your vehicle. It is recommended to get your tyres and thread checked regularly to assess whether they need to be replaced.
It is not recommended to drive with flat tyres as it will cause potential damage to your car. You should get them checked and repaired at the earliest to avoid accidents.
It is recommended that you check your tyre pressure once every week. This is because tyres can quickly become deflated if they are not checked regularly. Moreover, uneven and excessive wearing of tyre thread can cause accidents.
The spare tyre is not a long-term solution and you need to get it replaced as early as possible. Also, if you are driving on a spare tyre, we suggest you keep the speed below 50 kilometres per hour and not drive more than that before getting it fixed.
Yes, we can provide repair and maintenance services for your fleet vehicles. You can contact our mechanics on 0437 522 193 to know more.